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cup o'coffee product review
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Product Description

Product Name : Lush Cup O’ Coffee

Category : Face and body mask

Price : £7.25 pounds for 150g

Ingredients :

Organic Agave Syrup, Kaolin, Glycerine, Coffee Infusion, Talc, Ground Coffee, Bentone gel, Perfume, Vetivert Oil, Vanilla Absolute Roasted Cocoa Extract, Coriander Oil, Caffeine Powder *Coumarin *Limonene *Linalool

Texture : Thick coarse grounded coffee cream. You can definitely feel the coffee chunks which mainly provides the exfoliation.

Smell : Freshly Grounded Coffee Scent!

What it claims to do : exfoliates and wakes the skin up with their strong coffee aroma

Personal View

My expectation :

I remember using my sister’s few months ago as a face mask and we both loved how it have left our skin feeling baby soft and brightened right after usage. Then I decided to get my own tub after walking into a Lush store! *I really love Lush*

How I use :

Face mask – I started using it once to twice a week as a face exfoliate after double cleansing with a oil and foam cleanser. I apply evenly to my entire face and leave it around 10 to 15minute as recommended then gently massage it all over my face in circular motion to exfoliate. However, I realize that the mask can be a little harsh to be used as a face scrub and decided to only use it as a body scrub.

Body scrub – I only use it around once a week in shower before I epilate my legs and to make sure there’s no in grown hair.

Review :

I love the smell of it, although I don’t like drinking coffee! In contrast as to how it is being marketed, I only recommend using them as a body scrub and not to be used as a face scrub. It is too harsh to be used on the face and there are way more gentle options such as chemical peels available now. I still finished the entire tub by using them as a body scrub which worked perfectly well!

Will I repurchase :

Probably not. Simply because there are better body scrubs that are cheaper that I have tried. For example, the soap and glory scrub of your life which costs 7pounds for 200mls. Maybe some day I will repurchase when I miss the smell of the scrub. As I mentioned earlier, I always have a soft spot for Lush <3

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