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I have been eyeing on Blithe products since it was curated by Glow Recipe 2 years ago, I remember being so interested in their patting splash masks after watching their video , and literally every skincare guru on YouTube that I follow were using it. I have been in and out of Sephora so many times and Blithe definitely stood-out to me each time I walk past the skincare isle, however due to the abundance of  skincare, Blithe just have not reach my hands. Therefore, I was so excited when I was selected by Stylekorean to review not one but four Blithe products!  I am now in the process of testing out their products and will be sharing my thoughts on their products soon! I have created a series of post and lets begin by studying the brand! 


🔍 Brand Introductory

💡‘’So smart, So Delightful’’

I am already in love with their brand by just understanding their tagline of “So Smart, So Delightful’’. Unlike most Korean skincare brands out there that requires extensive steps, Blithe is a Korean skincare company that creates smarter and more innovative products for urbanites whereby their products are multifunctional that delivers effective results with much shorter time. A good example would be their famous patting splash masks which only requires 15 to 30 seconds to deliver mild exfoliation, skin brightening and hydration. This makes Blithe products perfect for those that do not have the luxury of time to pamper their skin. Blithe believes that improved skin conditions promotes a more attractive, confident and delightful life.


”93% of urban women think their skin is sensitive.
Stress and harmful environment such as yellow dust,
fine dust and heavy metal cause skin irritation and accelerate skin aging.”

Blithe creates their products revolving around their concept known as Anti-Polluaging with polluaging literally is a combination of pollution and aging. Skin deterioration especially for people living in the city are heavily affected by work stress and hazardous environmental factors such as fine dust, yellow dusts, heavy metals and gas emissions. Therefore, I very much adore how much Blithe creates their collection based on researches on urban women lifestyle aiming on using potent ingredients that works on preventing and reversing the effects of pollution and natural ageing of the skin.


Blithe also utilizes natural plant ingredients from uncontaminated longevity areas (BLUE ZONES) such as from Jeju Island which locates far away from polluted busy city regions providing good health and comfort to our skin.

💡Eliminates 9 hazardous ingredients

Another thing I really like about Blithe is that they increases their product potency by increasing the content of extracts and not by introducing more harmful chemicals to boost its effect. Blithe products removed the 9 hazardous ingredients such as parabens, benzophenone, talc, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), tricolsan, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, artificial colorings to minimize skin irritation.

💡Free From Animal Testing

For those who are interested to know, this brand is also 100% free from animal testing! Whoop whoop say no to animal cruelty !

💡Skincare steps

Blithe introduced the 3 step line and INBETWEEN line.

3 Step Line

The 3 step line was created with the theme of ‘’City of Day’’ introducing 3 simple steps to help refresh, recover and recharge your skin. These products are filled with Anti-polluaging properties to help protect our skin throughout the day.

I think these products are perfect for minimalistic skincarers as they only requires 3 steps! The only thing missing is a product with SPF to help protect our skin against the harmful radiation from the sun. Definitely add in your own sunprotection cream after these few steps!

Step 1 : Refresh Patting Spash Mask – soften the skin by removing fine dust and daily gentle exfoliation

Step 2 : Recovery Vital Treatment – promotes skin recovery by introducing potent natural ingredients like seeds, beans and  roots

Step 3 : Recharge pressed serum – introducing highly nutritional raw materials to our skin


Blithe’s INBETWEEN line was recreated based on the ‘’City of Night’’ theme whereby it’s a combination of skincare and make-up that promises to protect your skin and to keep your makeup flawless until midnight. It is also known as the ‘’Party-proof Skincare’’ that helps protects the skin from make-up, enhance the make-up wear, promotes flawless make-up and it is also packed with anti-polluaging agents. This line contains an essence and priming creams of different functions to choose from.

The INBETWEEN line is still relatively new and not much reviews can be found yet. Although I have not tried any of the products in this line, I do like the idea of incorporating more skin-loving ingredients into the priming step rather than just slathering silicones that could further clog our pores causing breakouts.


I definitely fell more in-love with Blithe after studying the brand philosophy. I am now in the process of testing out their products and will be sharing my thoughts on the product soon!

Would you like to see more of such post? And what brand should I study next?!

Cheers to better skin days!



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